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Opportunities for Scientists


The IODP is a unique scientific endeavour. One of its most valuable aspects is that it presents opportunities for environmental scientists at all stages of their academic careers to be involved, from distinguished professors to students.


The NERC investment in UK IODP provides a diverse community of UK environmental scientists with exclusive access to cutting edge infrastructure that is used to collect samples and data from some of the most inaccessible environments on Earth. It allows UK scientists to engage with and lead the international IODP programme through participation, proposal, evaluation and leadership of IODP Expeditions. The entire archives of international scientific ocean drilling samples and data are also available for researchers to access.

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NEW IODP 2050 Science Framework


Now available to download here:

2050 Science Framework

12-page summary document

2-page pamphlet

Thank you to all UK scientists who contributed reviews and feedback,

and especially to:

Dr Roz Coggon, University of Southampton (Co-lead Editor)

Professor Antony Morris, University of Plymouth (Author, Reviewer)

Professor Damon Teagle, University of Southampton (Contributor)

Professor Lisa McNeill, University of Southampton (Reviewer)

Dr Julie Prytulak, Durham University (Reviewer)

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Image credit: William Crawford, IODP JRSO

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