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Expedition REports

IODP produce an authoritative series of publications that summarise the scientific and/or technical accomplishments of each IODP expedition. For more information on these publications click here.

Scientific Ocean Drilling Maps

IODP maintains accurate maps, available as kml files, showing the locations of drilled, planned and proposed boreholes and expeditions, which can be downloaded and then opened using Google Earth.

Maps of holes drilled throughout the history of scientific ocean drilling are also available as image files (pdf, jpeg and eps formats).

Scientifc Ocean Drilling Maps

2050 Science Framework


Now available to download here:

2050 Science Framework

12-page summary document

2-page pamphlet

Thank you to all UK scientists

who contributed reviews and

feedback, and especially to:

Dr Roz Coggon, University of Southampton (Co-lead Editor)

Professor Antony Morris, University of Plymouth (Author, Reviewer)

Professor Damon Teagle, University of Southampton (Contributor)

Professor Lisa McNeill, University of Southampton (Reviewer)

Dr Julie Prytulak, Durham University (Reviewer)

Figures from the 2050 Science Framework as pdf and png files are available to download here

Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 11.32.43.png
2050 Science Framework

Image credit: William Crawford, IODP JRSO

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