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Frequently Asked Questions

How are IODP proposals selected for drilling?

IODP expeditions are developed from hypothesis-driven science proposals aligned with the program's Science Plan Illuminating Earth's Past, Present, and Future and are carried out in accordance with the program's Principles of Scientific Investigation.

Proposals are submitted by the international scientific community to the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP). The international scientists of the SEP evaluate and recommend proposals for drilling. The Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP) then carries out a site-by-site review of proposed or scheduled IODP expeditions from the point of view of safety and environmental protection.

Proposals are forwarded to the appropriate platorm facility board

Each platform has a Facility Board to determine which proposals are drilled. The Facility Board considers science priority, resources, ship track efficiency, risks, etc. The Facitlity Borads consists of international scientists, funding agencies and facility operators.

IODP Gov Structure.png

IODP Structure (diagram courtesy of R.M.Coggon)


ADP – Amphibious Drilling Proposal

APC – Advanced Piston Corer

BGS – British Geological Survey

CDEX – Center for Deep Earth Exploration

CIB – Chikyu IODP Board

COL – Consortium for Ocean Leadership

CORK – Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit

DLP – Distinguished Lecturer Program

DSDP – Deep Sea Drilling Project

20ECORD – European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling

EEC – ECORD Evaluation Committee

EFB – ECORD Facilities Board

EMA – ECORD Managing Agency

EPC – European Petrophysics Consortium (University of Leicester)

EPSP – Environmental Protection & Safety Panel

ESO – ECORD Science Operator

ESSAC – ECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee

HLAPC – Half-Length Advance Piston Corer

HRT – Hydraulic Release Tool

JAMSTEC – Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

J-DESC – Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium

JR – RV JOIDES Resolution

JRFB – JOIDES Resolution Facilities Board

JRSO – JOIDES Resolution Science Operator

ICDP – International Continental Scientific Drilling Program

IODP – Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2003-2013); International Ocean Discovery Program (2014-2024)

MARUM - Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften (Bremen University)

MEXT – Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)

MSP – Mission Specific Platform

NSF – National Science Foundation (USA)

ODP – Ocean Drilling Program

PMO – Program Member offices

PSS – Petrophysics Summer School

SaDR – Sample and data Requests Database

SEDIS – Scientific Earth Drilling System

SEP – Science Evaluation Panel

SSDB – Site Survey Data Bank

TAMU – Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas)

UK-IODP PAG – UK-IODP Program Advisory Group

XCB – Extended Core Barrel

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