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UK-IODP Annual Meeting 2024

IODP - Achievements and legacy of the longest running international scientific exploration programme
A celebratory conference brought to you by
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27th September 2024
The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
& Online

Scientific Ocean Drilling addresses fundamental questions about Earth’s climate, deep life, geodynamics and geohazards. The UK-IODP Annual Meeting celebrates recent achievements in scientific ocean drilling, provides updates on upcoming projects and is an opportunity for all members of the UK-IODP community to share their research, and for ECRs to engage with more experienced scientists.

We encourage participation from all scientists based at UK research institutes. PhD students and early career researchers are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts. NERC and UK-IODP take equality, diversity and inclusion very seriously. We know that the quality of research and innovation improves the more we bring together people from different backgrounds. We encourage people from all backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to attend this conference.


Registration for this event is free. A limited number of bursaries are available from UK-IODP to cover the cost of travel and accommodation for students to enable them to attend. If you wish to apply for a bursary, please complete the relevant section of the conference registration form. Registration and abstract submission will close on 26th May 2023 at 22:00 BST.

If you have any questions please email

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers 2023:

  • Roz Coggon (University of Southampton) - Exp 390/393 South Atlantic Transect

  • Tim Druitt (Université Clermont Auvergne) - Exp 398 Hellenic Arc
  • David Hodell (University of Cambridge) - Exp 397 Iberian Margin Paleoclimate

  • Rachel Flecker (University of Bristol) - Exp 401 Mediterranean Atlantic Gateway Exchange

  • Andy McCaig (University of Leeds) - Exp 399 Atlantis Massif

  • Michi Strasser (Universität Innsbruck) - Exp 386 Japan Trench Paleoseismology

  • Roz Coggon (University of Southampton) - An Introduction to the 2050 Science Framework

  • Tony Morris (University of Plymouth) - ECORD-Japan update

  • Michelle Harris (University of Plymouth) - Outcomes of the Magellan+ Workshop on Investigating the Oceanic Life Cycle of Tectonic Plates with Mission-Specific Drilling

  • Johan Lissenberg (University of Cardiff) - Outcomes of the Magellan+ Workshop on Mantle Melting and Hydrothermal Chemical Exchange at Knipovich Ultraslow Spreading Ridge

  • Andy Parsons (University of Plymouth) - Outcomes of the Magellan+ Workshop on Accessing the circum-Iberian mantle archive of Wilson cycle processes through Land-to-Sea drilling (MANTLE-L2S)

  • David McInroy (ESO) - ESO and Misson Specific Platform (MSP) capabilities

We will also connect live to hear from scientists at sea on the JOIDES Resolution, on Expedition 395 Reykjanes Mantle Convection and Climate.

Abstract Submission

We welcome abstract submissions relating to research on IODP/ODP/DSDP samples and data, from all members of the UK-IODP community. Abstracts relating to scientific ocean drilling proposals and/or future plans are also very welcome. Students and Early Career Researchers are particularly encouraged to submit.


Prizes for student presentations

The Marine Studies Group and the Geochemistry Group of the Geological Society of London are generously sponsoring prizes for best student poster presentation and best student talk, respectively. Please indicate on your registration and abstract submission form if you are a student and wish your presentation to be considered for these prizes.

How to submit an abstract

Please download the abstract template file. Follow the instructions in the template and save the file using the naming convention:

UKIODP_2023_surname(of presenting author)_initials_poster/talk(your preference).docx

e.g. UKIODP_2023_Smith_HG_poster.docx

When you complete the registration form you will find an option to upload your abstract - please use this feature to upload your completed submission. Please indicate your preference for a talk or poster presentation on your registration and abstract submission form. We will accommodate presenting author preferences as far as possible.


A maximum of two abstracts per delegate can be submitted.

Registration and abstract submission will close on 26th May 2023 at 22:00 BST.

Presentation formats

Talks: 12 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A

Posters: poster boards are 1m wide by 2m tall and can take A0 portrait posters

Abstract Submision
Registration Form

Registratration Form

To register, submit up to two abstracts and/or apply for a student travel bursary, please complete the registration form, which can be accessed here.

If you have any questions please email


Science Party 360_Carlos Alvarez Zarikian.jpg

Image credit: Carlos Alvarez Zarikian & IODP

381_J. Everest, ECORD_IODP.png

Image credit:  J. Everest, ECORD IODP

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