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Call for new SEP members
Call for applications to serve as an ECORD member on the Science Subgroup of the IODP Science Evaluation Panel (SEP).

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DEADLINE: 26 March 2021

Ridge Seminar Series

The Ridge Seminar Series will target a global audience interested in all aspects and disciplines around and related to mid-ocean ridges and back-arc spreading centres. The series targets both the ridge community and a broader scientific audience, and in particular early career researchers.

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NEW IODP 2050 Science Framework


Now available to download here:

2050 Science Framework

12-page summary document

2-page pamphlet

Thank you to all UK scientists who contributed reviews and feedback,

and especially to:

Dr Roz Coggon, University of Southampton (Co-lead Editor)

Professor Antony Morris, University of Plymouth (Author, Reviewer)

Professor Damon Teagle, University of Southampton (Contributor)

Professor Lisa McNeill, University of Southampton (Reviewer)

Dr Julie Prytulak, Durham University (Reviewer)

Updated IODP Expedition Schedule

for the JOIDES Resolution

Now available here

New scheme to support UK scientists with IODP-related events

We are pleased to announce that the current phase of the UK IODP research programme (2020-2024) includes a new scheme to support UK scientists in the organisation of, or participation in, IODP-related workshops, sand-pits, training, outreach or other events...

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